API Requests


Requests are only possible via a HTTP GET request.

Request format

Bible verse

Bible verses are request by supplying 4 arguments. The api request, which is "search", the book, the chapter and the verse.

Books that do not have chapters (e.g. 3 John) still need to supply a chapter number! In this case it will be equal to that of the verse.

Property Description
Book The book you want to search. The list of books can be found below.
Chapter The chapter of the aforementioned book.
Verse The verse in this chapter.





List of books

Old Testament New Testament
Book API value
1 Kronikonan 1_kronikonan
1 Reinan 1_reinan
1 Samuel 1_samuel
2 Kronikonan 2_kronikonan
2 Reinan 2_reinan
2 Samuel 2_samuel
Abdias abdias
Amos amos
Daniel daniel
Deuteronomio deuteronomio
E Kanto di tur Kanto e_kanto_di_tur_kanto
Eksodo eksodo
Esdras esdras
Ester ester
Ezikiel ezikiel
Genesis genesis
Habakuk habakuk
Hagai hagai
Hoseas hoseas
Huesnan huesnan
Isaias isaias
Job job
Lamentashonnan lamentashonnan
Levitiko levitiko
Malakias malakias
Mikeas mikeas
Nahum nahum
Nehemias nehemias
Numbernan numbernan
Predikador predikador
Proverbionan proverbionan
Ruth ruth
Salmonan salmonan
Sofonias sofonias
Yeremias yeremias
Yoel yoel
Yonas yonas
Yozue yozue
Zakarias zakarias
Book API value
1 Huan 1_huan
1 Korintionan 1_korintionan
1 Pedro 1_pedro
1 Tesalonisensenan 1_tesalonisensenan
1 Timoteo 1_timoteo
2 Huan 2_huan
2 Korintionan 2_korintionan
2 Pedro 2_pedro
2 Tesalonisensenan 2_tesalonisensenan
2 Timoteo 2_timoteo
3 Huan 3_huan
Echonan echonan
Efesionan efesionan
Filemon filemon
Filipensenan filipensenan
Galatanan galatanan
Hakobo hakobo
Hebreonan hebreonan
Huan huan
Hudas hudas
Kolosensenan kolosensenan
Lukas lukas
Marko marko
Mateo mateo
Revelashon revelashon
Romanonan romanonan
Tito tito